Our Goals

The 1887 Fund's Goals for the Soldiers' Home,
Pacific Branch otherwise known as the West Los Angeles VA


Restore five historic buildings from the early era, including:

  1. Wadsworth Chapel (Building #20)
  2. Governor's Mansion (Building #23)
  3. Superintendent's Home (Building #33)
  4. Trolley Station (Building #66)
  5. Hoover Barracks (Building #199)

Refurbish the Grand Lawn to its intended pristine state. Promote its purpose as a sacred ground for Veterans wishing to reflect on the past, contemplate the present, and look forward to the future.


Identify and re-declare the property as a part of the National Veterans Home by posting original plaques on selected features including points of ingress and egress as well historic structures targeted for restoration by the 1887 Fund.

Board of Directors

  • Joan Abrahamson
  • Carolina Barrie
  • Christine Barrie
  • Franklin Otis Booth III ( Spike )
  • Perry Diller
  • Admiral Michael Mullen
  • Deborah Mullen
  • Richard Riordan
  • Jon Sherin

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